Working with Vaults

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Downloading a Vault Inventory

  • Note The information you get via SNS notification is the same as what you get by calling Describe Job.

Configuring Vault Notifications

  • Note Adding a notification configuration to a vault causes S3 Glacier to send a notification each time the event specified in the notification configuration occurs. You can also optionally specify an Amazon SNS topic in each job initiation request. If you add both the notification configuration on the vault and also specify an Amazon SNS topic in your initiate job request, S3 Glacier sends both notifications.

  • Note The Amazon SNS topic must allow the vault to publish a notification. By default, only the Amazon SNS topic owner can publish a message to the topic. However, if the Amazon SNS topic and the vault are owned by different AWS accounts, then you must configure the Amazon SNS topic to accept publications from the vault. You can configure the Amazon SNS topic policy in the Amazon SNS console.

Deleting a Vault

  • Note S3 Glacier prepares an inventory for each vault periodically, every 24 hours. Because the inventory might not reflect the latest information, S3 Glacier ensures the vault is indeed empty by checking if there were any write operations since the last vault inventory.

Vault Lock

  • Important After a Vault Lock policy is locked, the policy can no longer be changed or deleted.

  • Important We recommend that you first create a vault, complete a Vault Lock policy, and then upload your archives to the vault so that the policy will be applied to them.

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