Working with other services

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AWS SDK service integrations

  • Note The API action will always be camel case, and parameter names will be Pascal case. For example, you could use Step Functions' startSyncExecution API action and specify the parameter StateMachineArn.

  • Note Amazon OpenSearch Service is the successor of the Amazon Elasticsearch service, and we recommend that you use OpenSearch Service for your service integrations.

Service Integration Patterns

  • Note Service integrations that use the .sync pattern require additional IAM permissions. For more information, see IAM Policies for integrated services.

  • Note A task token must contain at least one character, and cannot exceed 1024 characters.

  • Note You must pass task tokens from principals within the same AWS account. The tokens won't work if you send them from principals in a different AWS account.

  • Note To avoid waiting indefinitely if a process fails to send the task token with SendTaskSuccess or SendTaskFailure, see Configure a Heartbeat Timeout for a Waiting Task.

Code Snippets

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