Getting Started

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Getting Started (Console)

  • Note This exercise assumes that you haven't created any dataset groups. If you previously created a dataset group, what you see will vary slightly from the following screenshots and instructions.

Getting Started (AWS CLI)

  • Note The CLI commands in this exercise were tested on Linux. For information about using the CLI commands on Windows, see Specifying Parameter Values for the AWS Command Line Interface in the AWS Command Line Interface User Guide.

  • Note The order of the key-value pairs in the response is arbitrary.

  • Important You must wait until the status is ACTIVE before creating a predictor with the dataset group.

  • Important Model training takes time. Don't proceed until training has completed and the status of the predictor is ACTIVE.

Getting Started (Python Notebooks)

  • Note For a complete list of tutorials using Python notebooks, see the Amazon Forecast Github Samples page.

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