Working with repository associations

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Create a GitHub or GitHub Enterprise Cloud repository association

  • Note We recommend creating a new GitHub user (for example, MyCodeGuruUser) and using that user to provide CodeGuru Reviewer with access to your GitHub repositories. This ensures that CodeGuru Reviewer posts comments on behalf of a unique user. This helps avoid confusion and make the account more transferable, so that it doesn't belong to a single person who might not always be available to maintain it.

Create a GitHub Enterprise Server repository association

  • Note GitHub Enterprise Cloud repositories have a different procedure and different prerequisites. If you're using GitHub Enterprise Cloud, follow this procedure instead.

  • Important AWS CodeStar connections does not support GitHub Enterprise Server version 2.22.0 due to a known issue in the release. To create a connection, use version 2.22.1 or later.

Disassociate a repository

  • Note Charges are not incurred for disassociated repositories.

Encrypting a repository association

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