Using the Amazon Chime SDK

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Available regions

  • Note Regions marked with an asterisk (*) must be enabled in your AWS account. AWS blocks those regions by default. For more information about enabling regions, see Enabling a Region in the AWS General Reference.

  • Note To create a meeting in an AWS GovCloud (US) Region, you must use a control region in GovCloud. Also, control regions in GovCloud can only make meetings in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions.

SIP integration

  • Note The Amazon Chime SDK recognizes phone numbers only in E.164 format. Make sure that an E.164 phone number is in your From header.

Amazon Chime SDK event notifications

  • Note If you use the Amazon Chime SDK Meetings namespace, remember that you use a different service principal. Instead of using the Chime service principal, you use ChimeSDKMeetings. For more information about the namespaces, refer to Migrating to the Amazon Chime SDK Meetings namespace.

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