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Create a LAG

  • Important For existing connections, connectivity to AWS is interrupted during the creation of the LAG.

Update a LAG

  • Note If you adjust the threshold value for the minimum number of operational connections, ensure that the new value does not cause the LAG to fall below the threshold and become non-operational.

Associate a connection with a LAG

  • Important Connectivity to AWS over the connection is interrupted during association.

Disassociate a connection from a LAG

  • Important Your connection to AWS is broken off during disassociation.

Associate a MACsec CKN/CAK with a LAG

  • Note You cannot modify a MACsec secret key after you associate it with a LAG. If you need to modify the key, disassociate the key from the connection, and then associate a new key with the connection. For information about removing an association, see Remove the association between a MACsec secret key and a LAG.

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