AWS Launch Wizard for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

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Test the deployment

  • Important You must run these steps from a network that has access to the Kubernetes API, as configured by the Amazon EKS public access endpoint and Kubernetes API public access CIDR parameters. For more information, see Installing kubectl in the Amazon EKS User Guide. If you enabled the optional bastion host, you can connect to it by using SSH. Use the key pair that you specified during deployment and the IP address from the Outputs tab of the AWS CloudFormation stack. The bastion host already has kubectl installed and configured so that it connects to the cluster. To test the CLI, connect to the cluster, and run the command, shown in step 1.


  • Note When you enable Deactivate rollback on failed deployment, you continue to incur AWS charges for the stack. Ensure that you delete the stack when you finish troubleshooting.

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