Troubleshoot common issues

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Why can't I connect to the device console with USB connection between my computer and vehicle?

  • Note The instructions below assume you're working with a MacOS computer. For other computer systems, consult with the network preferences documentation for the respective operating system and use the below instructions as a general guide.

How to use a USB flash drive to connect AWS DeepRacer to your Wi-Fi network

  • Note AWS DeepRacer does not support Wi-Fi networks that require active captcha verification for user sign-in.

Troubleshoot vehicle battery lockout

  • Important This battery is only for use with the DeepRacer Car. This battery must be handled properly to avoid risk of fire, explosion, or other safety concerns. Follow all instructions and heed all warnings included in the AWS DeepRacer Device Safety Guide.

How to wrap a Dell battery connector cable when installing a LiDAR sensor

  • Note The Dell compute battery connector cable has a barrel, a standard USB-C end, and an angle USB-C end.

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