Managing functions

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Tutorial - Lambda with CLI

  • Note On Windows, some Bash CLI commands that you commonly use with Lambda (such as zip) are not supported by the operating system's built-in terminals. To get a Windows-integrated version of Ubuntu and Bash, install the Windows Subsystem for Linux.


  • Tip If your function already includes a VPC configuration from a previous API request, you can send an UpdateFunctionConfiguration request without the VPC configuration.

  • Note Several AWS services offer VPC endpoints. You can use VPC endpoints to connect to AWS services from within a VPC without internet access.

Interface VPC endpoints

  • Note You need to include both the qualified and the unqualified function ARN in the resource.

File system

  • Note When you create a file system, you choose a performance mode that can't be changed later. General purpose mode has lower latency, and Max I/O mode supports a higher maximum throughput and IOPS. For help choosing, see Amazon EFS performance in the Amazon Elastic File System User Guide.

  • Note If your function is not already connected to a VPC, see Configuring a Lambda function to access resources in a VPC.

Code signing

  • Note Functions defined as container images do not support code signing.

Using layers

  • Note Make sure that the layers that you add to a function are compatible with the runtime and instruction set architecture of the function.

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