Getting Started

This page was generated from content adapted from the AWS Developer Guide

Step 1: Create a Search Domain

  • Important The domain you're about to create will be live and you will incur the standard Amazon CloudSearch usage fees for the domain until you delete it. For more information about Amazon CloudSearch usage rates, go to the Amazon CloudSearch detail page.

Step 3: Search Your Domain

  • Note Your domain's search endpoint is shown on the domain dashboard. You can also perform a search from the AWS Management Console, view the raw request and response, and copy the request URL from the Search Request field. A domain's search and document service endpoints remain the same for the life of the domain.

Step 4: Delete Your Movies Domain

  • Important Deleting a domain deletes the index associated with the domain and takes the domain's document and search endpoints offline permanently.
  • Note It can take around 15 minutes to delete the domain and its resources.
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