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January - December 2022

  • Important When you initially set the value of enable_stack_set_deletion to true, the next time you invoke CfCT, ALL resources that begin with the prefix CustomControlTower-, which have the associated key tag Key:AWS_Solutions, Value: CustomControlTowerStackSet, and which are not declared in the manifest file, are staged for deletion.

  • Note After you update to version 3.0 or later, you do not have the option to continue with account-level CloudTrail trails managed by AWS Control Tower.

  • Tip If you plan to create and manage your own account-level trails, we recommend that you create the new trails before you complete the update to AWS Control Tower landing zone version 3.0, to start logging right away.

  • Note For landing zones at version 3.0 or later, account-level AWS CloudTrail trails are not supported by AWS Control Tower. You can create and maintain your own account-level trails at any time, or you can opt into organization-level trails managed by AWS Control Tower.

January - December 2020

  • Note Updating your landing zone does not automatically update your accounts. If you have more than a few accounts, the required updates can be time-consuming. For that reason, we recommend that you avoid expanding your AWS Control Tower landing zone into Regions in which you do not require your workloads to run.

  • Note In April 2020, the Quick account provisioning capability was renamed to Enroll account. In June 2022, the ability to create and update accounts in the AWS Control Tower console was separated from the ability to enroll AWS accounts. For more information, see Enroll an existing account.

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