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AWS CloudShell and the AWS CLI

  • Note Your IAM identity also requires a policy that grants permission to make calls to AWS Control Tower. For more information, see Permissions required to use the AWS Control Tower console.

  • Note When using AWS CLI in AWS CloudShell, you don't need to download or install any additional resources. You're already authenticated within the shell, so you don't need to configure credentials before making calls.

  • Note If you don't adhere to the rules for naming buckets (using only lowercase letters, for example), the following error is displayed: An error occurred (InvalidBucketName) when calling the CreateBucket operation: The specified bucket is not valid.

AWS CloudFormation resources

  • Note The limit for EnableControland DisableControl updates in AWS Control Tower is 10 concurrent operations.

Resource identifiers for APIs and controls

  • Note The control State and status information is available in the console only. It is not available from the public API. To view the status of a control, navigate to the Control details page in the AWS Control Tower console.

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