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Metrics (CloudWatch)

  • Note At this time, the console displays only service metrics. To view instance metrics, use the CloudWatch console.

Event handling (EventBridge)

  • Note Some services support pre-defined patterns in EventBridge. This simplifies how an event pattern is created. You select field values on a form, and EventBridge generates the pattern for you. At this time, App Runner doesn't support pre-defined patterns. You have to enter the pattern as a JSON object. You can use the examples in this topic as a starting point.

API actions (CloudTrail)

  • Note For security reasons, some property values are redacted in the logs and replaced with the text HIDDEN_DUE_TO_SECURITY_REASONS. This prevents unintended exposure of secret information. However, you can still see that these properties were passed in the request or returned in the response.

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