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Building applications

  • Note If you specify a multi-architecture base image in your Dockerfile, AWS SAM builds your container image for your host machine's architecture. To build for a different architecture, specify a base image that uses the specific target architecture.

Building layers

  • Note When you create a custom layer, AWS Lambda depends on environment variables to find your layer code. Lambda runtimes include paths in the /opt directory where your layer code is copied into. Your project's build artifact folder structure must match the runtime's expected folder structure so your custom layer code can be found. For example, for Python you can place your code in the python/ subdirectory. For NodeJS, you can place your code in the nodejs/node_modules/ subdirectory. For more information, see Including library dependencies in a layer in the AWS Lambda Developer Guide.

  • Note If you don't include the Metadata resource attribute section, AWS SAM doesn't build the layer. Instead, it copies the build artifacts from the location specified in the CodeUri property of the layer resource. For more information, see the ContentUri property of the AWS::Serverless::LayerVersion resource type.

Building custom runtimes

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