AWS Reference Notes is a compilation of the Note-able sections of AWS .

It is compiled by parsing all sections of AWS Documentation and extracting specific admonitions (eg. Note, Important, Considerations) which are then organized and compiled here.

AWS Reference Notes exists because I observed that any section of the AWS docs that start with a Note was something that was worth paying attention to. These sections documented gotchas, limits, and other caveats of a particular service. When not observed, they can take anywhere on the order of hours to weeks to work around.


Each AWS Service is organized via the following categories

- {service}
    - Common
    - Topics


Common refers to parts of an AWS service that is shared among all services. Examples of Common sections:

  • Getting Started

  • Monitoring

  • Security

  • Networking

  • Configuration

  • Troubleshooting

  • Resources and Tags

  • Working with other services


Topics refers to parts of an AWS service that is service specific. This includes service specific components, features, and runtimes.

Examples of Topics sections:

  • ECS Clusters

  • S3 Clacier Vaults

  • KMS Keys


All content in this site (besides this page) is generated from the official AWS Developer Docs, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International


This project is hot off the press as of 2023-05-14.

All the notes in this project are auto-generated from aws-doc-extractor See the repo for instructions on contributing. Feel free to also report any issues or feature request in this repo.

You can see the roadmap to see upcoming changes.

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