Working with EMP packages

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Compatibility package features

Edit, upgrade, and maintain packages

  • Important You must use the Package Editor to update an EMP package on the same architecture on which the original package was created. For example, if the package was created on an x86 machine, then the Editor must update the package on an x86 machine.

Update a deployed package

  • Important If you attempt to use the /deploydir switch when a package has already been deployed, a Failed to deploy' exit code -1 error will be returned. The /update switch must be used to update the package to the latest version, or the /uninstall switch must be used to remove the package first.

  • Note The /update switch preserves any values that appear in the registry that are not specified in the source file. If the file type associations source file (FileAssociations.xml) in the new package is different from the one in the currently deployed package, /update deletes the registry values that do not appear in FileAssociations.xml and updates values and types that have changed.

Uninstall a package

  • Note If you run this command from the deployed location, the uninstall will be incomplete. Verify that the package is uninstalled from the correct source path.

Enable logging

  • Note LocalAppData resolves to a special location for the SYSTEM account: C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local.

Enable out-of-process COM

  • Note The COMVirtualization feature is not required if the application uses in-process COM objects. Applications that use in-process COM objects behave as expected without enabling the feature.

Exclude or detach a process

  • Important The virtualization and redirection engine of the package will detach from the parent process once virtualization is complete. Any child processes will not be virtualized, and the detached process will not benefit from DEPOptOut or HandleInvalidHandle, even if these features are enabled.

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