Using npm

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Configure and use npm

  • Note If you are accessing a repository in a domain that you own, you don't need to include --domain-owner. For more information, see Cross-account domains.

  • Important The registry URL must end with a forward slash (/). Otherwise, you cannot connect to the repository.

Configure and use Yarn

  • Note Yarn 1.X reads and uses information from your npm configuration file (.npmrc), while Yarn 2.X does not. The configuration for Yarn 2.X must be defined in the .yarnrc.yml file.

Support for npm-compatible package managers

  • Note We recommend using Yarn 2.x with CodeArtifact. Yarn 1.x does not have HTTP retries, which means it is more susceptible to intermittent service faults which result in 500-level status codes or errors. There is no way to configure a different retry strategy for Yarn 1.x, but this has been added in Yarn 2.x. You can use Yarn 1.x, but you may need to add higher-level retries in build scripts. For example, running your yarn command in a loop so that it will retry if downloading packages fails.

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