Workflow Studio

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Configure input and output

  • Note To specify that a parameter uses a reference path to point to a JSON node in the input, the parameter name must end with .$.

  • Note To specify that a parameter uses a path to reference a JSON node in the result, the parameter name must end with .$.

  • Note Since the OutputPath filter is the last output filter to take effect, if you use additional output filters such as ResultSelector or ResultPath, you should modify the default $.Payload OutputPath filter accordingly.

Error handling

  • Note Not all error handling options are available for all states. Lambda Invoke has one retrier configured by default.

Tutorial: Learn to use the AWS Step Functions Workflow Studio

  • Note Before you start, make sure to complete the prerequisites for this tutorial.

  • Note While specifying an execution input is optional, in this tutorial, it is mandatory to specify an execution input similar to the above example input. This input value is referenced in the Choice state when you run the state machine.

Known limitations

  • Note State machine definitions that contain AWS CloudFormation references cannot be saved. However, you can copy or export the definition for use elsewhere.

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