Logging and monitoring

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Logging AWS Control Tower Actions with AWS CloudTrail

  • Note In AWS Control Tower releases before landing zone version 3.0, AWS Control Tower created a member account trail. When you update to release 3.0, your CloudTrail trail is updated to become an organization trail. For best practices when moving between trails, see Creating an organizational trail in the CloudTrail User Guide.

Monitoring resource changes with AWS Config

  • Note If your landing zone version is 3.0 or later: AWS Control Tower limits AWS Config recording for global resources, such as IAM users, groups, roles, and customer-managed polices, to your home Region only. Therefore, some of the information in this section may not apply to your landing zone.

  • Note When AWS Control Tower works with AWS Config, a Region may be governed by AWS Control Tower, or ungoverned, and AWS Config still records the changes if the account operates in that Region.

  • Note After you unenroll the account, AWS Control Tower cannot enforce detective controls or log account events, such as AWS Config activities, for resources in that account.

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