Integrate products and services

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AWS Marketplace

  • Note Data product providers must meet the AWS Data Exchange eligibility requirements. For more information, see Providing Data Products on AWS Data Exchange in the AWS Data Exchange User Guide.

  • Note If you're looking for a product that you just subscribed to, and you don't see it in the list, use the refresh button at the top of the tab to refresh your results. It might take a few minutes for a new subscription to appear in the list.

  • Note If your image product subscription includes an AWSTOE build component, you can select it from the Build components list. Select Third party managed from the component owner type list to see it. If your product subscription includes an AWSTOE test component, follow the same procedure for the Test components list.

Amazon Simple Notification Service

  • Note If your SNS topic is encrypted, the key that encrypts this topic must reside in the account where the Image Builder service runs. Image Builder can't send notifications to SNS topics that are encrypted with keys from other accounts.

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