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Continuous replication tasks

  • Note You can migrate views using full-load tasks only. If your task is either a CDC-only task or a full-load task that starts CDC after it completes, the migration includes only tables from the source. Using a full-load-only task, you can migrate views or a combination of tables and views. For more information, see Specifying table selection and transformations rules using JSON.

  • Note AWS DMS bidirectional replication isn't intended as a full multi-master solution including a primary node, conflict resolution, and so on.

  • Note Only one task in a bidirectional pair can be full load and CDC.

  • Note When using the AWS CLI, use only the create-replication-task or modify-replication-task commands to configure LoopbackPreventionSettings in your bidirectional replications tasks.

Moving a task

  • Note You can't move a task to the same replication instance where it currently resides. You can't modify the settings of a task while it's moving. A task you have run must have a status of Stopped, Failed, or Failed-move before you can move it.

Table mapping

  • Note When working with table mapping for a MongoDB source endpoint, you can use filters to specify data that you want replicated, and specify a database name in place of the schema_name. Or, you can use the default "%".

Enabling and working with premigration assessments

  • Note If you do a premigration assessment run that includes the data type assessment, you don't need to do a data type assessment separately.

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