Working with instances

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Tagging instances for CodeDeploy deployments

Instance health

  • Important During a blue/green deployment, the deployment configuration and minimum healthy hosts value apply to instances in the replacement environment, not those in the original environment. However, when instances in the original environment are deregistered from the load balancer, the overall deployment is marked as Failed if even a single original instance fails to be deregistered successfully.

  • Note CodeDeploy will attempt to deploy to all instances in a deployment group, even those that are currently in a Stopped state. In the minimum healthy host calculation, a stopped instance has the same impact as a failed instance. To resolve deployment failures due to too many stopped instances, either restart instances or change their tags to exclude them from the deployment group.

  • Note Make sure the minimum number of healthy instances you specify is less than the total number of instances in the deployment group. If you specify a percentage value, remember it will be rounded up. Otherwise, when the deployment starts, the number of healthy instances will already be less than or equal to the specified minimum number of healthy instances, and CodeDeploy will immediately fail the overall deployment.

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