Getting started

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Step 1: Enable IAM Identity Center

  • Note If you are using a multi-account environment, we recommend that you configure delegated administration. With delegated administration, you can limit the number of people who require access to the management account in AWS Organizations. For more information, see Delegated administration.

Step 2: Choose your identity source

  • Important If you're already managing users and groups in Active Directory or an external identity provider (IdP), we recommend that you consider connecting this identity source when you enable IAM Identity Center and choose your identity source. This should be done before you create any users and groups in the default Identity Center directory and make any assignments. If you're already managing users and groups in one identity source in IAM Identity Center, changing to a different identity source might remove all user and group assignments that you configured in IAM Identity Center. If this occurs, all users, including the administrative user in IAM Identity Center, will lose single sign-on access to their AWS accounts and applications. For more information, see Considerations for changing your identity source.

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