Manage data streams

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Use StreamManagerClient to work with streams

  • Note Typically, clients of stream manager are user-defined Greengrass components. If your business case requires it, you can also allow non-component processes running on the Greengrass core (for example, a Docker container) to interact with stream manager. For more information, see Client authentication.

  • Note If you do instantiate StreamManagerClient in the handler, you must explicitly call the close() method when the client completes its work. Otherwise, the client keeps the connection open and another thread running until the script exits.

  • Note StreamManagerClient also provides a target destination you can use to export streams to an HTTP server. This target is intended for testing purposes only. It is not stable or supported for use in production environments.

  • Note When you send data to AWS IoT SiteWise, your data must meet the requirements of the BatchPutAssetPropertyValue action. For more information, see BatchPutAssetPropertyValue in the AWS IoT SiteWise API Reference.

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