Managing indexes

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UltraWarm storage

  • Note The ultrawarm_manager role might not be defined on some preexisting OpenSearch Service domains. If you don't see the role in Dashboards, you need to manually create it.

  • Note Domains support a maximum number of warm nodes. For details, see Amazon OpenSearch Service quotas.

Cold storage

  • Note The cold_manager role might not exist on some preexisting OpenSearch Service domains. If you don't see the role in Dashboards, you need to manually create it.

  • Note An explicit timestamp_field is required in order to move indexes to cold storage using an Index State Management policy.

  • Note OpenSearch Dashboards doesn't support the PATCH method. Use curl, Postman, or some other method to update cold metadata.

Index State Management

  • Important You can no longer use index templates to apply ISM policies to newly created indexes. You can continue to automatically manage newly created indexes with the ISM template field. This update introduces a breaking change that affects existing CloudFormation templates using this setting.

  • Note If your domain is running a legacy Elasticsearch version, use _opendistro instead of _plugins.

Index rollups

  • Note OpenSearch versions 2.2 and later support searching multiple rollup indexes in one request. OpenSearch versions prior to 2.2 and legacy Elasticsearch OSS versions only support one rollup index per search.

Cross-cluster replication

  • Note The commands to start replication and create a replication rule are special cases. Because they invoke background processes on the leader and follower domains, you must pass a leader_cluster_role and follower_cluster_role in the request. OpenSearch Service uses these roles in all backend replication tasks. For information about mapping and using these roles, see Map the leader and follower cluster roles in the OpenSearch documentation.

  • Note If you previously connected two domains to perform cross-cluster searches, you can't use that same connection for replication. The connection is marked as SEARCH_ONLY in the console. In order to perform replication between two previously connected domains, you must delete the connection and recreate it. When you've done this, the connection is available for both cross-cluster search and cross-cluster replication.

Data streams

  • Note If you migrate a backing index to cold storage, OpenSearch removes this index from the data stream. Even if you move the index back to UltraWarm, the index remains independent and not part of the original data stream. After an index has been removed from the data stream, searching against the stream won't return any data from the index.

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