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AppSpec file reference

  • Note The AppSpec file for an EC2/On-Premises deployment must be named appspec.yml or appspec.yaml, unless you are performing a local deployment. For more information, see Create a local deployment.

  • Note The tar and compressed tar archive file formats (.tar and .tar.gz) are not supported for Windows Server instances.

AWS CloudFormation template reference

  • Note AWS CloudFormation hooks are part of the AWS CloudFormation components for AWS and are different from CodeDeploy lifecycle event hooks.

Resource kit reference

  • Note To access the Amazon S3 bucket in the Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Region, you must enable the region in your AWS account. For more information, see Managing AWS Regions.

  • Note The files in each bucket are designed to work with resources in the corresponding region.

  • Note Be sure to use the period (.) near the end. This downloads the file to your current directory.


  • Note You can request a limit increase for the CodeDeploy limits listed in AWS service limits in the Amazon Web Services General Reference . You cannot increase the limit on the number of hours a deployment can run.

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