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My domain is unavailable on the internet

  • Important If you specified the wrong name server records when you transferred the domain to Route 53, it can take up to two days after you correct the name servers for the domain before DNS service is fully restored. This is because DNS resolvers across the internet typically request the name servers only once every two days and cache the answer.

  • Important Restoring internet service for the domain can take up to 48 hours.

My domain is suspended (status is ClientHold)

  • Note If you need help getting your domain unsuspended, you can contact AWS Support free of charge. For more information, see Contacting AWS Support about domain registration issues.

  • Note If you don't respond to the first email, we resend the email up to two more times. If you have already registered one or more domains with Amazon Route 53 and used the same email address for the registrant contact, we don't send a confirmation email.

I changed DNS settings, but they haven't taken effect

My AWS account is closed, suspended, or terminated, and my domain is registered with Route 53

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