Backing up and restoring

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Working with backups

  • Important An outage occurs if you change the backup retention period from 0 to a nonzero value or from a nonzero value to 0. This applies to both Single-AZ and Multi-AZ DB instances.

  • Note If you manage your backups in AWS Backup, you can't enable automated backups. For more information, see Using AWS Backup to manage automated backups.

  • Note You can only retain automated backups of DB instances, not Multi-AZ DB clusters.

  • Important We highly discourage disabling automated backups because it disables point-in-time recovery. Disabling automatic backups for a DB instance or Multi-AZ DB cluster deletes all existing automated backups for the database. If you disable and then re-enable automated backups, you can restore starting only from the time you re-enabled automated backups.

  • Note Backups managed by AWS Backup are considered manual DB snapshots, but don't count toward the DB snapshot quota for RDS. Backups that were created with AWS Backup have names ending in awsbackup:backup-job-number.

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