Working with application revisions

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Add an AppSpec File

  • Note Deployments to Windows Server instances do not support the runas element. If you are deploying to Windows Server instances, do not include it in your AppSpec file.

Choose a repository type

  • Note An AWS Lambda deployment works with an Amazon S3 repository only.

Push a revision

  • Note CodeDeploy can also be used to deploy revisions that have been pushed to GitHub. For more information, see your GitHub documentation.

  • Note The push command bundles application artifacts and an AppSpec file into a revision. The file format of this revision is a compressed ZIP file. The command cannot be used with an AWS Lambda or an Amazon ECS deployment because each expects a revision that is a JSON-formatted or YAML-formatted AppSpec file.

View application revision details

  • Note References to GitHub apply to deployments to EC2/On-Premises deployments only. Revisions for AWS Lambda deployments do not work with GitHub.

Register an application revision

  • Note AWS Lambda deployments do not work with GitHub.

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