Resources and tags

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Recycle Bin

  • Note Some resources might still appear in the Recycle Bin console or in the AWS CLI and API output for a short period after their retention periods have expired and they have been permanently deleted. You are not billed for these resources. Billing stops as soon as the retention period expires.

List and filter your resources

  • Important You cannot use a private window in Firefox to access Amazon EC2 Global View.

Tag your resources

  • Note After you delete a resource, its tags might remain visible in the console, API, and CLI output for a short period. These tags will be gradually disassociated from the resource and be permanently deleted.

  • Note If you've just enabled reporting, data for the current month is available for viewing after 24 hours.

  • Note Elastic IP addresses that are tagged do not appear on your cost allocation report.

  • Note The way you enter JSON-formatted parameters on the command line differs depending on your operating system. Linux, macOS, or Unix and Windows PowerShell – Use single quotes (') to enclose the JSON data structure. Windows – Omit the single quotes when using the commands with the Windows command line. For more information, see Specifying parameter values for the AWS CLI.

Service quotas

  • Note This restriction does not apply to outbound traffic sent over port 25 to: IP addresses in the primary CIDR block of the VPC in which the originating network interface exists. IP addresses in the CIDRs defined in RFC 1918, RFC 6598, and RFC 4193.

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