Amazon Cognito user pools

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Updating a user pool

  • Important If you don't provide values for existing parameters, Amazon Cognito sets them to default values. For example, when you have existing LambdaConfig and you submit an UpdateUserPool with an empty LambdaConfig, you delete the assignment of all Lambda functions to user pool triggers. Plan accordingly when you want to automate changes to your user pool configuration.

Using the hosted UI

  • Note The Amazon Cognito hosted UI does not support the custom authentication flow.

Using Lambda triggers

  • Note Federated users can use the Amazon Cognito hosted UI to sign in, or you can generate a request to the Authorize endpoint that silently redirects them to their identity provider sign-in page. You can't sign in federated users with the Amazon Cognito native API.

Using Amazon Pinpoint analytics

  • Note Amazon Pinpoint isn't available in Europe (Milan) and Middle East (Bahrain). Amazon Cognito user pools in these Regions don't support analytics.

  • Note For all AWS Regions except those in the preceding table, Amazon Cognito can only use an Amazon Pinpoint project in the same Region as your user pool. If Amazon Pinpoint isn't available in the Region where you built your user pool, and it's not listed in the table, then Amazon Cognito doesn't support Amazon Pinpoint analytics in that Region. For detailed AWS Region information, see Amazon Pinpoint endpoints and quotas.

  • Note Amazon Cognito supports in-Region integrations when you use ApplicationArn

Email settings

  • Note In the AWS Management Console, you can only use Amazon SES resources in the same Region after you have switched to the new Amazon Cognito console experience.

  • Note You can't share the resources that you create in these steps across AWS accounts. For example, you can't configure a user pool in one account, and then use it with an Amazon SES email address in a different account. If you use Amazon Cognito in multiple accounts, repeat these steps for each account.

  • Note You can only configure a FROM address in a verified domain using the AWS CLI or the Amazon Cognito API.

SMS message settings

  • Note In the AWS Management Console, you can only change the Region for SMS resources after you have switched to the new Amazon Cognito console experience.

  • Note Amazon SNS limits the number of destination phone numbers that you can verify while you are in the SMS sandbox. See SMS sandbox in the Amazon Simple Notification Service Developer Guide.

Using tokens

  • Important Best practice is to secure all tokens in transit and storage in the context of your application. Tokens can contain personally-identifying information about your users, and information about the security model that you use for your user pool.

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