AWS Shield

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Getting started

  • Note It's important that you fully configure Shield Advanced prior to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) event. Complete the following steps to help ensure that your application is protected and that you are ready to respond if your application is affected by a DDoS attack.

SRT support

Responding to DDoS events

  • Important We recommend that as part of enabling AWS Shield Advanced, you follow the steps in Configuring access for the Shield Response Team (SRT) to proactively provide the SRT with the permissions that they need to assist you during an attack. Providing permission ahead of time helps to prevent any delays in the event of an actual attack.

Security in your use of the Shield service

  • Note This section provides standard AWS security guidance for your use of the AWS Shield service and its AWS resources, such as Shield Advanced protections. For information about protecting your AWS resources using Shield and Shield Advanced, see the rest of the AWS Shield guide.

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